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Book Check Out Policy 

Students can check out one book per each grade level.  For example, a 3rd grader may check out up to 3 books for one week.  

1st-3rd grades may keep their books for one week.

4-5th grades may keep their books for up to 2 weeks.

Access our library catalog

You can see all the books in the Rheem Library Collection.

Mission Statement

The mission of the MSD library program is to support students in becoming independent and effective users of all variety of information; to support teachers and the common core standards through collaboration; and to nurture a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Rheem Library

Library Class Visit Times:


 9:15-9:55am  3rd Stafford

10:00-10:40am  2nd Webster

11:35am-12:15pm  2nd Guidi

1:40-2:20pm  3rd Culleton

2:25-3:05pm  3rd O'Connell


8:30-9:15am  4th Johnson A

9:15-10:00am  4th Johnson B

10:45-11:30am  4th McMullen A

11:30am-12:15pm  4th McMullen B

1:00-1:30pm  Bailey

1:30-2:15pm  4th Drury A

2:15-3:00pm  4th Drury B


8:30-9:15am  5th Gubser A

9:15-10:00am  5th Gubser B

10:10-10:40am  1st Strohmeyer

10:45-11:30am  5th Cavallero A

11:30am-12:15pm  5th Cavallero B

1:00-1:30pm  2nd Thomson


8:30-9:15am  5th Greer A

9:15-10:00am  5th Greer B

10:10-10:40am 1st Dennis

11:00-11:30am  K Kathan

11:30am-12:00pm  K Gessling

1:00-1:30pm K Lorie


                                 The 2021 Newbery Award Winner 

                                               When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller  9781524715700  Books 


                                  The 2021 Caldecott Award Winner

                                           We Are Water Protectors  Lindstrom, Carole, Goade, Michaela  9781250203557  Books

  California Young Reader Award Winners 

Poor Louie Tony Fucile

Sergeant Reckless The True Story of the Little Horse Who Became a Hero



Rheem Library Media Specialist


Sharon Gillbanks