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CAASP Preparation

CAASP Preparation 2018

April 2018

Dear Parents,

Each Spring, most students in California will participate in the statewide testing program, or the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) System.  CAASPP is a system intended to provide staff and parents information to monitor student progress.

CAASPP includes the Smarter Balanced Computer Adaptive Tests and Performance Task tests in English Language Arts and Mathematics for students in grades 3-8. These assessments are focused on the Common Core State Standards.  To learn more about these tests, please visit CDE’s Test Score Guide web site, which provides informative guides and test score descriptions as well as sample test items for different levels of difficulty.  

In addition, California is in the process of implementing new statewide academic standards for science called the Next Generation Science Standards. These standards call for students to ask questions, solve problems, and engage in hands-on investigation and discovery, about real-life phenomena. This year, 5th and 8th grade students will participate in the field test for the California Science Test (CAST).  This assessment will ask questions about science content, practices, and concepts.  In the fall, general student scores for the CAST field test will be released which will provide broad and early indications of a student’s science achievement when used in conjunction with other information.

To learn more about  either the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment or the CAST, please go to the California Department of Education Parent Guides to Understanding web page.

Another great resource is the Practice and Training Tests, which can be found on the California Department of Education Smarter Balanced Practice Test web page. Here, parents and students can experience the kinds of questions students will encounter on the tests.

Listed below are the testing weeks for 3rd-5th grade at Donald Rheem E.S.  Specific testing times will be determined by each grade level.  CAASPP tests are untimed, but based on the estimated testing times, students will be working on the test for 45 to 60 minutes a day during their assigned weeks.  Please avoid scheduling appointments during the weeks that are designated for your child’s grade level. 




English/Language Arts and Mathematics




April 30th thru May 11th



Monday, April 30th thru

Tuesday, May 15th



April 30th thru May 11th

Monday, May 14th


Following the spring 2018 testing, students will receive individual score reports. Student score reports will be sent home to parents and will include an overall score, a description of the student’s achievement level for English/Language Arts and Mathematics, and other information.

Please contact Carolyn Parker, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, at (925) 377-4107 or me if you have questions regarding the CAASPP assessments or your child’s participation.  


Brian Sullivan