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Our Handbook is a great way to learn more about our services and expectations.

About Roadrunner Club


The Roadrunner Club is our fantastic Rheem after-school center.  We offer a daily snack, lots of fun activities and a chance for students to fuel their imagination and physical fitness requirements.  There are also other opportunities to do homework or have a little bit of quiet time.  See our handbook for more details.

In order to change the time your child is to be released on a given day, we will accept notification by email or you can come to the club to sign out your child.  Please give us a minimum of 30 minutes notice for a written time change. Our staff is often busy with your children and are not always able to check email and voicemail. 

Our main concern is your child’s safety. So if they are not picked up within ten minutes, they are to return to the club and you will need to come to the club to sign them out.

Drops-ins and cancellations must be called in to (925) 376-3012.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Don't Forget

In order to change reservations, you will need to submit a new online permanent reservation by the 23rd of each month.  Changes submitted become effective the 1st of the following month.  Please fill out the online form exactly as you would like your child's schedule to be.  The form should be inclusive of each day's schedule, not just the changes.

Make check payable to Moraga School District

Mail payment to:

Childcare Program Accountant
Moraga School District
1540 School Street

Moraga, CA 94556


As noted in the Parent Handbook, any student not picked up within 20 minutes after the dismissal bell will be sent to Roadrunner Club. This will result in an automatic charge of $50. Any child who arrives at Roadrunner Club in the morning without a reservation will be charged from 7:00 am until they are dismissed to class. Also, if you know you will be late and need to send your child to Roadrunner Club, please contact both Roadrunner Club and the school office at least half an hour prior to dismissal so that your child can be notified.

Director Eleanor Persons

Bonnie Lodes

Ann Robles 

Patricia Bonnin

Debra Brennan

Accountant Remi Vranesh

7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Contact Us

Phone: (925) 376-3012