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Yearbook Orders
Posted 11/7/19

2019-2020 Yearbook

Order yearbooks here:

We need your photos!

We are now collecting photos for the 2019-2020 yearbook. Like last year, we will be using Pictavo to collect photos. You can load photos via the website.

How do I upload photos?

  1. Log onto 
  2. Log In or Create and account
  3. Add Rheem School to your account- search by State and City
  4. Upload Photos! Make sure to select a category (i.e. 1st Grade Field Trip, Butterfly Parade, etc)

*Please note that there is a required line "Who is in the Photo", you may put N/A in this line as we do not need to have all the names of the children in the photos. The ONLY exception to this is 5th Grade Baby Photos!

If you prefer to email photos we are happy to accept them that way as well. For that and for any questions please use the below contact information.

Molly Devinger