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Conference Week Schedule

Rheem Team Family Challenge

Oh No!  Once again, it’s time for the annual…

Are you ready?  Can you do it?  Now’s the time for study, practice, and synchronized watches, because very soon a reality show near you will feature the daring attempts, chronicle the missed communications, and highlight the dramatic stories of those who faced the challenge and prevailed and those who, well … didn’t.  Will your family be one of the acrobatic finalists, juggling the conflicting schedules with finesse?  Or, will tardy slips and phone calls home be your fate?  Dare to dream!  Dare to be one of the few who manage Parent Conference Week, with students arriving to school and picked up on time, with lunches (or not, depending on the day) and homework in hand!   

Conference Week occurs the week before Thanksgiving Break.







K – 2nd  



8:25 – 11:45

8:25 – 1:50

8:25 – 11:45

8:25 – 11:45

3rd – 5th


8:25 – 11:45

8:25 – 1:50

8:25 – 11:45

8:25 – 11:45

*No Lunch – Students are dismissed prior to lunch on shortened minimum days (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)

Free Survival Tip (a special bonus for those of you who read the fine print): 

Print and place this notice in a prominent place in your home to review each morning and evening during conference week.