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Rheem Library Media Specialist

Sharon Gillbanks


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You can see all the books in the Rheem Library Collection.

Rheem Library

California Young Reader Medal Nominees

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Wednesday Arts and Crafts in the Library

For fun, I teach and Arts and Crafts program in the library every other Wednesday during lunch recess.  I usually try to tie this craft into an educational lesson.  Everything for this program is either out of my own pocket or donated.  I can always use craft materials!            Thank you!


Items wanted for Wednesday Arts and Crafts in the Library:


Soup cans- common size washed -no flip top kind please

Used greeting cards 

Scraps of Ribbon, zigzag, lace, etc.

Colorful buttons


Old maps


Book Check Out Policy

Students may check out books according to their grade level- # of books=grade level.

For example:  3rd graders may check out 3 books.

1st-3rd graders may keep books for one week.  4th-5th graders may check out books for 2 weeks. 

There are no fines for late returns, but students who have overdue books will not be allowed to check out new books until their overdue items have been returned.  

If a book has been lost or damaged, the student will be responsible for the cost of its replacement.

Library Class Visit Times:


9:25-10:05      3rd-  Berkman

10:10-10:50    2nd- Webster

11:35-12:15     2nd- Thomson

1:40-2:20       3rd- Johnson

2:20-3:00       3rd- Ralph




8:30-9:15       5th- Cavallero A    

9:15-10:00     5th- Cavallero B     

10:10-10:40   1st- Strohmeyer   

10:45-11:30   5th- Greer A      

11:30-12:15    5th- Greer B  

 1:30-2:15      5th- Gubser A

 2:15-3:00     5th- Gubser B



8:30-9:15      4th- McMullen A

9:15-10:00    4th- McMullen B 

10:10-10:40   1st- O'Connell               

10:45-11:30   4th- Culleton A            

11:30-12:15    4th- Culleton B




8:30-9:15      4th- Drury A   

9:15-10:00    4th- Drury B

10:00-10:30   K- Kathan

11:30-12:00    K- Lorie

1:00-1:30        K- Bailey

Mission Statement

The mission of the MSD library program is to support students in becoming independent and effective users of all variety of information; to support teachers and the common core standards through collaboration; and to nurture a lifelong love of reading and learning.